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ETC(Electronic toll collection)

MPEON, the traffic solution expert company with the first place in ETC(Electronic toll collection) products, having various OBU solutions based on long-time accumulated technologies and experiences.

Smart Alarm

(Voice support system)

Clear voice support for better concentration on driving
Every information used ETC(Electronic toll collection) is offered in clear voice.
With voice support system available for adjusting volume ranging between 0 and 8, drivers can concentrate on driving better.

Instruction for tollgate fee

It offers tollgate fee process in real time

Pass History

Available for checking the latest 10 passes in voice

Inspecting user environment

Offering self-inspection for communication environment and message for preventing errors of imposing fees

Instruction for using card

Detecting whether to install card, direction to attach card, and whether to install standardized card

User Interface

(Offering convenient interface)

Interface with easy and fast control
MPEON ETC(Electronic toll collection) is designed in order to make user control the device and be provided information faster and easier, offering easily operating interface.
INDICATOR 단말기 동작상태를 알려주는 스마트 LED


Smart LED showing Device operating status

Smart LED showing Device operating status

CONTROL 볼륨조절에서 메뉴설정까지 일체형으로 컨트롤


Intuitive and Easy menu configuration

Intuitive and Easy menu configuration


Wireless ETC
(Electronic toll collection)

Wireless ETC operates based on attached to window.
There are two types of batteries used. One is rechargeable battery and the other is disposable batteries like alkaline
IR communication, Automatic wake up system for power-saving

Wired ETC
(Electronic toll collection)

Based on RF communication, the product need the power feeding from vehicle battery power. There are two types: holder type attached on dashboard or window, and separate type available for built-in installment.
All in one type, Antena separated type